May 2nd, 2005 by Anand

Are we getting addicted? Nope, we are not. Just that we happened to hear from a friend about Faryab that made us to visit it. Nominated as one of the top 100 best bargain food eats in Washingtonian, truly it was one. Heard from a regular that this restaurant has been in the business for last 10 plus years and this person has been visited it quite a no. Of times and mentioned that the taste and service has been the same and cant complain for any reasons which makes him to come again and again and also introduce it to his friends and family. The decoration was simple Afghan handicraft work on the walls.. It was pouring heavily outside and the fans were running in slow speed. We found something interesting. We could order wine by Kraft (the term used to order OJ @ Denny’s, IHOP or any breakfast chain). We both loved our food and enjoyed it.
Rating: Food: good;Ambience: good;Service: good;budget: $$ (for 2) Recommended reservation for weekends.

Suggested eats in Bethesda (middle east joints): moby dick. Cuisine: Iranian
Rating: Food: good;Ambience: average;Service: dine-in/take-out;budget: $$ (for 2)

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