No.13 Still unlucky for many

June 20th, 2005 by Anand

Today, for so many formula 1 fans like me turned out to be a disaster. I feel pity for so many fans that took months of planning and days off to enjoy the f1 in US. What kind of company is Michelin? Cant they come with a second set of tires to race and just putting a blame on Turn.13 saying the tires were not safe to take that turn and requesting for a fresh tire after warm-up lap or the placement of a chicane to slow the cars going into turn 13. Disgusting, pathetic.

I think David Coulthard was brave and fighting with the team to let him race, but it is a team sport and so all the Michelin run cars went back to garage after warm-up lap.

2 Ferraris, 2 Jordan & 2 Minardi cars completed the race. Narain came 4th. Tiago monterio, first Portuguese to take the grand stand was happy. How else could he celebrate his first season with F1 completing 9 races this season and taking 3rd spot at Indy. Congrats Tiago!!!!

At the end its all over, it was an insult to the f1 fans who drove miles spent time and money to come watch and cheer the sport that is growing so fast in this country. I think the f1 fans need a serious explanation. A refund. How does it matter? Do U think fans would return back next year to watch this kind of stuff. I would say rather watch it on TV and in case this happens again, U can just switch channel and watch NASCAR, they 2 drive fast but I agree thet cant beat F1.

Michael up 34 points, 4 points behind Kimi and 25 points behind Alanso.

BTW who was that damn fool to throw a water bottle on the racetrack, lucky Barichello went over it without any disaster.

Golf & NBA compromised for the F1 disappointment. Tiger was late, came strong but was 2 late to beat Michael Campbell to win the 2005 US Open.

Robert “Big shot bob” Horry nailed a 3-pointer with 5.8 seconds left in overtime on Sunday, lifting the Spurs to a 96-95 win over the Pistons and gave San Antonio a 3-2 lead in the NBA Finals.

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