Cricket, F1 & March Madness

March 17th, 2007 by Anand

Truly [tag]march madness[/tag].

[tag]Ireland[/tag] celebrates [tag]St.Patrick’s day[/tag] by kicking [tag]Pakistan[/tag] out of the [tag]ICC world cup[/tag]. The well prepared [tag]Bangladesh[/tag] team bust over rated [tag]Indian cricket team[/tag]. [tag]Kimi[/tag] & [tag]Ferrari[/tag] start the [tag]formula 1[/tag] season with a winning note.

Declining to an open invitation to watch the cricket game I decide to watch the formula 1 season opening. With single supplier ([tag]Bridgestone[/tag]) providing tires for the series and drivers changing loyalties, was expecting a new line up for the event. Click here to read the new rules for the 2007 season.

So my 2 cents

  • Kimi is great as usual supported by a great car.
  • Is [tag]Massa[/tag] being promoted to be the next main driver by F1 (3/4 of the time they were covering Massa who started 16 because of gear box failure during the second session of Saturdays qualifying by driving his car heavy over the curb and busting the sensitive Ferrari gear box)
  • [tag]Lewis Hamilton[/tag] was terrific and felt he was made to give up his no.2 spot for [tag]Alonso[/tag]. A great finish for the rookie.
  • No [tag]Marlboro[/tag] logo on Ferrari apparels & car. New sponsor on the Ferrari cap.([tag]Mubadala[/tag] Development Company is a wholly owned investment vehicle of the Government of the Emirate of Abu Dhabi, in the United Arab Emirates)
  • With single supplier of tires, Bridgestone had decided to mark tires with a white dot to identity it as soft tires for the TV viewers, damn was 2 hard to figure out for the camera crew.
  • Over all felt race wasnt interesting. Kimi was driving all alone, lapping almost all the drivers expect the top 5 finishes(Massa would have been pissed as Kimi overlapped him)
  • [tag]Renault[/tag] yellow sucks (even though I like [tag]ING[/tag] for good interest rates) but prefer the white & blue.
  • What’s with [tag]Honda[/tag] color, we don’t need any sponsors, fine but the paint doesn’t suite.

The only good news was that the local [tag]Georgetown[/tag] [tag]Hoyas[/tag] beat the [tag]Boston College[/tag] [tag]Eagles[/tag]. [tag]Go Hoyas[/tag]!!!

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