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April 15th, 2007 by Anand

I had some engagement @ this place, Mrs tagged along with me with an excuse of [tag]Spring break[/tag] but I guessed that she had planned for this place, which she confessed to me on [tag]I95[/tag] after traveling for half the journey. Next day afternoon, loaded with the plastic she started the binge, where men either go crazy or go dumb, I belong to the later. Later that evening I joined Mrs. more as a companion and lugging the [tag]shopping[/tag] bags from this, this, this, this & this store where she had just finished spending the 10 plus [tag]Benjamin[/tag]’s in 1/10th of the time she took to earn it. As the whole world of men do I decided to join the other men folks and relax on the benches.

It’s always wonderful to see our folks in a new town, it always feels like home. I am not saying that we are a rare species, we are almost a million plus in this country of half billion. It always reminds me of the casual chats we have @ the corner [tag]tea shop[/tag] or the bus/train ride from home to school/work with a total stranger back home. Being from the same zone we made eye contacts, exchange few smiles and hello and co-ordinates, and then the other human being pops up the question

Would you like to make some [tag]extra money[/tag]?

BP raised, fist closed, almost ready to punch him on the face, lucky escaped as it was here or else your face would have been busted. So what is it with these folks, do we have a tattoo on our forehead saying “I am looking to make some extra money” or “I am broke, I need money”. Dude before you pop those questions like “I have a ecommerce business, would you be interested” or “Can we meet sometime @ our place & discuss some of by business ventures”, look @ the shopping bags they r holding, they are not any cheap store but some of the pricey & trendy stuff in women’s fashion world.

This is not my first time, but I would say close to once a month during the trips to the malls or common public places. Well I was okay initially but now seem more of a nuisance. Well here’s my suggestion to you folks. Incase you guys are making so much of money, why don’t you put a stall in the mall and attract people and exchange your ideas with folks who are interested rather than walking to stranger, starting up a conversation and asking the question.

So to you folks who do sales pitch of making extra money, think twice or for that matter n times and then ask the question to the “lucky stranger”. Give a thought, is it really worth it, why should you hide and target unsuspecting strangers, is it a healthy way of marketing & targeting customers. I know you would say “Yes” but remember, folks like me with leave the place with a shower of abuses for you in their hearts.

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