Thank you Neighbor

May 29th, 2007 by Anand

With the cool air of the [tag]AC[/tag] filling the room I was enjoying my sleep for sometime when my [tag]wife[/tag] heard a strange noise at the door and woke me up. I thought it was a dream and asked her for time. It was 1.30 AM, my eyes lit up wide. Who could be at the door at this odd hour? Believing it to be a hoax I walked till the door and the sound of the knock started becoming heavy.

Me: Who is it? (Peeping through the [tag]Key hole[/tag])
Stranger: I am your Neighbor and you house key is hanging on the key hole.
Me: Thank you (I am still watching through the key hole & see the stranger ([tag]neighbor[/tag]) walk away from my door)

I slide my hand through the small gap that I have after opening the door & get the keys of my door. The whole set main door key, mail box key, car main key & the [tag]valet[/tag] key.

It wasn’t a dream. The keys had been hanging out on the door for 6 hrs and no one bothered to notice it including us (oh yeh, once inside the house who needs a key).

So taking the keys I walk back to mrs who is sitting wide awake on the bed with all the lights on

Me: We forgot our keys on the door
Mrs: What?
Me: We forgot to get the keys of the door in the evening
Mrs: lucky no one stole it or else someone would have vacated it tomorrow.
Me: how did we miss it (I am already back to my sleeping posture, speaking with my eyes closed)
Mrs: good someone took the courtesy to inform us (verifying all keys were their)

We have been lucky that our neighbor decided to knock at our [tag]door[/tag] at the odd hour and inform us. We appreciate your concern.

[tag]Thank you neighbor[/tag] !!!

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