India Made History

July 21st, 2007 by Anand

Even though I didn’t like the [tag]UPA[/tag] nominee for the [tag]Presidency[/tag] post of [tag]INDIA[/tag], its time to move on. The nation has made history by appointing [tag]Pratibha Patil[/tag] as the [tag]13th President of India[/tag].

INDIA would have loved to have Mr.[tag]APJ Kalam[/tag] as the [tag]President[/tag] on second term but as usual politics came into play. The current UPA government decided not to support Mr.APJ Kalam as he was voted as the President by the previous [tag]BJP[/tag] government. Anyway I suppose it was all for good. Mr.APJ Kalam can go back to things that he loves to do, research & teaching.

Thanks you Mr.Kalam.

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