100 Million Dollars

September 13th, 2007 by Anand

Summer is kind of over on the eastern sea board and the [tag]2007 formula 1[/tag] season is getting over. Today was a day when all the better half’s of formula 1 fans were asking, do you still need to get this early and watch the race where everyone is stealing information and running the race. Is it worth the time & money ???

Well, as always I have the same answer for Mrs. Formula 1 is my religion, whether people are honest or not, I will watch it (unless American television decides to stop broadcasting if the rumors of [tag]2008 US Grand Prix[/tag] is off the schedule comes true).

So coming to the [tag]100 million dollars[/tag] fine imposed on [tag]McLaren Mercedes[/tag] on the [tag]Ferrari spying case[/tag] is like peanut to them. A team that roughly spends 300-400 Million dollars would easily pay it off. But as McLaren has decided to talk it out, the fines might be even less so over all this is nothing but an eye wash by [tag]Bernie Eccelstone[/tag] & [tag]FIA[/tag] cronies.

I would say suspend everyone from McLaren, including the team & driver for the entire season. Let them start fresh next season. I suppose Bernie let the rookie kid “[tag]Lewis Hamilton[/tag]” & “2006 Champion” [tag]Fernando Alonso[/tag] go lose thinking about ratings & revenue. My gut feeling is that the drivers also had information about the Ferrari document. So with out the cars, drivers are nothing. So if the cars did have some technical design stolen from its competitor and helped the driver win races then it means the driver(s) were also part of the [tag]espionage[/tag]. Its truly disappointing to see the season turn this way. Hope their is plenty of stuff to hear over the weekend at the [tag]Belgian Grand Prix[/tag].

What is this news about [tag]Vijay Mallya[/tag] biding 30 million dollars on [tag]Spyker F1 team[/tag] and [tag]Narain Karthikeyan[/tag] and [tag]Karun Chandhok[/tag] not part of the drivers list and the team being called “[tag]Team India[/tag]”.

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