The Bee Movie

November 3rd, 2007 by Anand

Wow graduating college in 3 days that would be so cool, but doing the same job for life would suck. Bee’s just make [tag]HONEY[/tag] for HUMAN’s, yummie. Ohhh and they pollinate flowers.

WARNING: Movie Spoiler. Read further at your discretion.

Went to watch [tag]American Gangster[/tag], the weather sucked and so did our luck of getting a movie ticket early in the evening. Ended up watching [tag]Bee Movie[/tag]. If it wasn’t for Jerry Seinfeld’s promo & voice the movie didn’t have any thing in it. Suing the Humans for stealing the Honey from the [tag]Bee[/tag]. Come on, [tag]Andy Robin[/tag]-[tag]Barry Marder[/tag]-[tag]Jerry Seinfeld[/tag], couldn’t you guys come up with some interesting story line.

Overall – C (Can wait for the DVD/Cable release).

[tags]Animation Movie, Paramount Pictures[/tags]

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