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lease renewal of our online home

Time flies bye. It’s the annual time to renew this not-so active online home. and the search ends with some codes for the world to use 7.99$ .com domain registration godaddy coupon cjc799chp Save 5$ off your order 30$ or more godaddy coupon code cjcchp30 Save 10$ off your order 50$ or more godaddy promo […]

AIG Fury

I was debating myself for the past two days, shouldn’t there be any other strong reason to pay the bonuses other than just contracts? Looks like AIG is strongly determined to make their millionaire executives multimillionaires. This morning, Andrew Ross Sorkin supported the payouts in his article at the Times(link here), that however painful and […]

Faith and Politics

Religion is important in politics, whether you are in the Indian (or) American Political System, Period. Its the mother of all issues when compared to economy, war & immigration. That’s why Mitt Romney came out openly today talking about his religion that has been an hurdle in gaining popularity with the Christian evangelists. You need […]

Hokie Nation

To the entire HOKIE NATION, Our Prayers are with you all. [tags]virginia tech, blacksburg, virginia[/tags]

Would you like to make some extra money

I had some engagement @ this place, Mrs tagged along with me with an excuse of [tag]Spring break[/tag] but I guessed that she had planned for this place, which she confessed to me on [tag]I95[/tag] after traveling for half the journey. Next day afternoon, loaded with the plastic she started the binge, where men either […]

Google Ads

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