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Traffic Signal Soliciting

From the country where I come from, deals are made @ traffic signals; traffic signals are lively hood for many folks, from selling to soliciting. That’s life!!! Recently this phenomenon has picked up in DC metro area. Now why am I writing this post? I have no complains with this but sometime this gets 2 […]

Costly Summer

With the on going war in Iraq, tensions & instability in Nigeria, unfriendly relationship with Venezuala and the tension over Iran’s nuclear ambitions have pushed the price of oil to soaring heights. With many families like us planning for their summer get-away seems like the trip budget would be up by almost 50 to 100 […]

Wal-Mart Bank

Will I be Happy if Wal-Mart gets into Banking? Hello off course, I would be really happy. I have been having accounts with 2 major banking firms for the last 10 plus years and I find that with each year they try to rip customers some way or the other. Direct deposit, minimum balance, transfer […]

Whats Wrong ??

I live in an area surrounded by almost 10 gas stations so always get a chance to figure out which station has the lowest gas price. I always notice that gas prices tend to go up on Friday & weekends. I happened to fill-up my tank yesterday @ $2.06 for regular 87 and when I […]

Google Ads

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