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As I was watching [tag]Jane Fonda[/tag] speak about life, her love, her movies and here latest release [tag]Georgia Rule[/tag] where she plays grand mother to [tag]Lindsay Lohan[/tag], it reminded me of the movie [tag]On Golden Pond[/tag] that I saw sometime back where Jane Fonda acts as a daughter to [tag]Henry Fonda[/tag] her real father. A […]

GURU bijuness karega

Sirf [tag]Abhishek[/tag] ke liye. This ain’t [tag]Manirathnam[/tag] ‘s movie. Great music by [tag]A R Rahman[/tag] but doesn’t suit the movie. Mithun da was good, nice to see him after a long time. Forget the 2 M’s ([tag]Madhavan[/tag] & [tag]Malika[/tag] ). [tag]Vidya Balan[/tag] , was fooled by the script. And finally Abhishek, he has done terrific […]


After his previous average movies ([tag]I, Robot[/tag], and [tag]Hitch[/tag]) at the box office, this is going to be redemption for [tag]Will Smith[/tag]. We decided to have a movie marathon for the holidays. Ended up watching “[tag]In pursuit of Happyness[/tag]”. One word says it all. MARVELOUS. Will Smith does an outstanding job as [tag]Chris Gardner[/tag], and […]

2 Cents

No competition to 50 cents. He is the Da club. I normally dont like writing about movies in general as it spoils the fun of watching it but anyway decided to go ahead and write about this one. Almost 50 % of the Indian bloggers has talked about this movie “Rang De Basanti”. Adding my […]

The final Chapter: Star Wars

17-May-2005, many star wars fans are eagerly waiting for the release of the final part of Star Wars: The revenge of the sith. For the naive, here’s the chronology of star wars movie: (Release year, Title)1977, A new Hope1980, The Empire strikes back1983, Jedi1999, The Phantom menace2002, Attack of the clones2005, The revenge of the […]

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