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Congratulations & Thank you to the INDIA CRICKET TEAM

For the Billions

A great scientist said [tag]India[/tag] will be SUPERPOWER in [tag]2020[/tag], well its just 2007. Congrats [tag]MIB[/tag]. [tags]20 20 cricket world cup, India 20 20 world cup champions[/tags]

100 Million Dollars

Summer is kind of over on the eastern sea board and the [tag]2007 formula 1[/tag] season is getting over. Today was a day when all the better half’s of formula 1 fans were asking, do you still need to get this early and watch the race where everyone is stealing information and running the race. […]

The Indian Cricket Team – On Vacation

Dear fans of the [tag]Indian Cricket Team[/tag], Officially sponsored by the [tag]BCCI[/tag], the Indian team is currently vacationing in the [tag]Caribbean[/tag]’s with their family & plan to head for [tag]CUBA[/tag] after their vacation. They expect total privacy and have no plans of playing cricket and entertaining the cricket fans especially the [tag]billion desi[/tag]’s living on […]

Cricket, F1 & March Madness

Truly [tag]march madness[/tag]. [tag]Ireland[/tag] celebrates [tag]St.Patrick’s day[/tag] by kicking [tag]Pakistan[/tag] out of the [tag]ICC world cup[/tag]. The well prepared [tag]Bangladesh[/tag] team bust over rated [tag]Indian cricket team[/tag]. [tag]Kimi[/tag] & [tag]Ferrari[/tag] start the [tag]formula 1[/tag] season with a winning note. Declining to an open invitation to watch the cricket game I decide to watch the formula […]

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