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Old age is just a record of one’s whole life

To the Greatest, Our wishes to you. Did you know ? (Courtesy Wiki: Ali) On March 24, 1975, Ali fought Chuck Wepner in Cleveland, a fight that was to inspire the Academy Award winning movie “Rocky”. Ironically, however, it was Ali’s opponent who provided the inspiration for history’s most famous fictional pugilist. Wepner was a […]

Welcome to America

We, the less unfortunate folks residing in this part of the continent seldom get a chance to watch you bend the ball across the goal post, welcome your decision to leave Europe and come to America. Even though U have been on bench for last couple of games we promise you a spot in the […]

The chaos continues

After 3 awesome races from the Ferrari team, @ the Hungarian grand prix qualification, it was total chaos. Even though with a splendid lap performance from Michael, he did not take the pole position. Guess what, he was fined 2 points along with Alonso. Michael was fined 2 points for passing 2 drivers on Friday […]


He doesnt need any more introduction….Salute to One of the Best If you still dont know who he is …….its Ronaldinho aka “Little Ronaldo” advertising for Nike’s golden shoe. Roughly 3 minutes the ball listens to him. Aiming 4 shots @ the top bar of the goal post, man he is awesome.

C’mon everybody … Let’s do the Crouch!

If you dont know how to do the crouch, watch the moves & get ready… the countdown has started for one of the biggest sporting events. Played by many and watched my many.

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